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Post your ad here is "Baltic Legal blog" service for companies searching where to advertise their menchardise. If you wish to get a place for your advertisment then this is the place.
What is included in service:

Service description

In this ad placement service you will get all the things mentioned above. To be sure this disclaimer is written to make sure both parts know their duties.

  1. Ad is placed for 4 mounth period for 10$
  2. This blog receives daily 15 visitors
  3. All ads are shown in random principle
  4. Payment is done before ad is placed
  5. To know payment details you have to contact ad manager(email below)

Ad manager

This ad service manager Artis Zelmenis email adress is as fallowing:
Contact if you're interested in placing your ad. In details include text with no more than 110 number of symbols, an image 200x45 pixel in size(if not it will be cut) and you will receive payment details.

As soon as payment is received the ad is placed and you get notification email for successful placement of your advertisement!

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