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Immigration in Latvia, Europe - history and law

2012 August
Immigration to Europe increased from the 1980s onward, as a result of people from developing countries wanting to escape war, oppression, natural disasters or poverty. Some EU countries saw a dramatic growth in immigration after World War II until the 1970s

Ethnic diversity in Europe

The largest ethnic groups of Europe are the Russians with 105 million (in European Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States, and Western Europe), followed by the Germans (80 million), Turkish (68 million), French (65 million), British (61 million), Italians (60 million), Ukrainians (45 million), Spanish (44 million) and the Poles (40 million). The smallest ethnic group in Europe are the Maltese: Malta has a population of 419,285 and 95.3%[10] is ethnically Maltese.

Non-European immigrant groups (Middle Eastern, African, Asian, American etc.) account for about 3% to 4% of the European population or 22 to 30 million people.

Immigration law in Europe as whole

The 27 EU countries have different immigration programs in terms of foreign work programs, ways to obtain citizenship, unemployment rates, inheritance of citizenship, and other official immigration programs which allows individuals to live in one or several EU countries. Some immigration programs can end with a citizenship while other programs are time limited and related to work or tourism. The advantage of citizenship in an EU country is that the laws and regulations of the EU is applicable to any country that you decide to live and work in.

Residency permit in Latvia

Latvian law offers such thing as residence permit in Latvia for up to 5 years through investments in real estate. To obtain this kind of residency permit in Latvia you have to fulfill few rules and great European market will be opened for you up to 5 years.
To obtain residency permit in Latvia you have to buy real estate whose cadastral value must be at least LVL 30,000 (approx. EUR 42,900) and actual transactions must be at least LVL 100,000 (approx. EUR 143,000).
To migrate to Latvia this kind of transaction has to be done only by bank transfer. Also you have to be debtless in the sense of real estate taxes. The real estate itself have to be bhought from an official Latvian citizen, or either non-citizen.

The second option to obtain rsidency permit in latvia and get access to European market is through investments in subordinated capital of credit institution.
To gain this kind of residency permit you have to make investment who are made to a credit institution of Republic of Latvia, furthermore the amount of financial investments must be at least LVL 200,000 (approx. EUR 286,000).
Before you consider this kind of option keep in mind that the term of transaction is at least five years without the right to terminate it prior to the term of repayment of the deposit.(Source: Baltic Legal: Immigration in Latvia law and service)


To get access to European market and obtain residency permit in Latvia is not so hard, but you probably will need local legal support.
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