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Statistics show immigration in Latvia is growing

2012 August
Immigration in Latvia is growing shows the latest statistics of Latvian immigration bureau "Office Of Citizenship And Migration Affairs".

Immigration in Latvia, services

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Statistics of immigration in Latvia

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Immigration bureau of Latvia "Office Of Citizenship And Migration Affairs" states:
A residency permit is a document that allows a foreign national to stay in the Republic of Latvia for a specified period of time. Two types of residency permit exist, a temporary residence permit (temporary residence permit in Latvia for 5 years) and a permanent residence permit.

A residence permit is required if a foreign national or a stateless person wishes to reside in the Republic of Latvia for more than 90 days within a 6-month period.

Most popular cities in Latvia by population

In first place is Riga the capital of Latvia with more than 700 thousand population. Second is Daugavpils with more than 100 thausand population. Daugavpils is unique with its location in the middle of crossroads between Lithuania and Russia. Great path for business. Third is Liepāja with more than 80 thausand population. The city of sea port and business.

Migration in and out of Latvia within Schengen area

Schengen agreement and its treaties created borderless Schengen Area of Europe, which operates very much like a single state for international travel with external border controls for travellers travelling in and out of the area, but with no internal border controls. Latvia as also The Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia joined Schengen area on 21 December 2007. It opened the borders and markets. As European Union has stated "United in Diversity".
Since Schengen agreement was signed by Latvia migration figures is 50 to 120 thausand by statistics of those who register living abroad (emmigration) or in Latvia (immigration).

Immigration in Latvia - obtain a residency permit

Latvian Immigration law offers opportunity to grant a residency permit for up to 5 years through investments in real estate. To obtain temporary residency permit in Latvia you have to comply with Latvian Immigration law. Moreover, since you have immigrated into EU member state, all advantages granted by European Union will be opened for you.
To acquire a residency permit in Latvia you have to buy real estate with cadastral value at least LVL 10,000 (approx. EUR 14 230) and the actual transaction must be at least LVL 50,000 (approx. EUR 71 145). The transaction has to be performed via bank transfer. Also you have to be debtless in the sense of real estate taxes. The real estate itself has to be bought from Latvian citizen, or either non-citizen.

The other option to acquire residency permit is making investment in the company. According to the immigration requirements, the amount of investment in the share capital must be at least LVL 100 000 (EUR 142 290) in newly established company or LVL 25 000 (EUR 36 000) in the share capital of existing company under certain conditions.
Before you consider to immigrate to Latvia on the basis of making investments in the respect of residence permit, keep in mind that the temporary residency permit is terminated for five year period without the right to terminate it prior to the term of repayment of the deposit. (Source: Baltic Legal: Immigration in Latvia law and service)


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