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Top countries(including Estonia as top one from Baltic states) in the world for business

2012 August
According to Forbes all three Baltic states rank high on doing business climate in country. But what's best of it, Estonia does the best job. Both Latvia and Lithuania stays in TOP 40, but Estonia show world class by ranking sixteenth and if you're interested in why then keep reading.

TOP 5 countries in the world by business climate

First is Canada which leaves all other countries far behind with 3.1% GDP Growth, 39,400 GDP per Capita. Population of Canada is 34 millions.
Population of Canada is 34 millions.
Second in top comes New Zealand which probably boost it's economics with sheeps(a joke) with 1.5% GDP Growth, 27,700 GDP per Capita. Population of New Zealand is 4,3 millions.
Third in top comes Hong Kong which has it's charm about doing business in this small, yet active country. Hong Kong ranks with 1.5% GDP Growth, 27,700 GDP per Capita. Population of Hong Kong is 7,1 millions.
Fourth in top comes Ireland. Oh, those Irish guys. They rank with negative 1.0% GDP Growth and 37,700 GDP per Capita. Population of Ireland is 4,7 millions.
Fifth in top world countries by business climate comes Denmark. Yes, we can not argue with Denmark's educational level and economical growth either. Denmark ranks with 2.1% GDP Growth, 36,600 GDP per Capita. Population of Hong Kong is 5,5 millions.

Trade balance in the world

Trade balance in world

Estonia's place in business world

Estonia - a small country in northeast Europe with only 1,3 million population ranks sixteenth in 'TOP COUNTRIES FOR BUSINESS' by Forbes. Estonia has 3,1% GDP Growthand 19,100 GDP per Capita. Plus its percentual trade balance is positive.

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Summary of this article

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Information source: Forbes: Best countries for business

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